Frequently Asked Qution

Ofcourse! While Afroproven is targeted towards African Americans and those of the African diaspora, we welcome all to be advocates for the mistreatment of minorities all across the world. We actually need your eyes as well. This platform is not necessarily for the reviewing of an establishment as it relates to a non minority and their experience, but rather their witnessing interactions by mainstream establishments and minorities. Leaving an honest review is what is needed no matter the color of skin.
A VIP Ambassador is a hand selected person that is sent out to “mystery shop” certain establishments. These “shoppers” will be notified of a possible “shop” that needs to be completed. A “shop” is a task that will involve the VIP member to visit while rating, reviewing, and observing interactions between customers and staff of various establishments. Various assigned tasks will be given such as ordering food, purchasing clothing, asking more than one or two questions to a staff member at a very busy time of the day to record reaction. In order to become a VIP member, you need to email us at for consideration
That is up to you. Afroproven is a digital platform for you to review all of your experiences. Even work related.

Yes! We are currently looking to expand our team at many levels. Please email us at

Simply login, and enter the star rating of your choice based on your experience!
Yes. You do not have to be known