COVID-19 Can Kiss My A**!


You read it right! Kiss my entire a**. Who would have thought this madness? It is truly unbelievable. ‘Rona’ as we so affectionately call it, has come and is telling all of us to have several seats.  We are having them that is for sure.  As I write this on the about 120th day of this bitter, grudge holding , lack of compassion thing we call Coronavirus or Covid-19, I am reminded everyday that everyday is the last day. The day before that was today and today was last week. Get it? It is all mushed together! I literally tell my daughter good morning at night. I tell her goodnight in the mornings.

Corona, I’m going to need you to leave. Your time is up!

We joke around with  the days overlapping, however, we both find ourselves trying to keep our heads above water. Positivity is a delicacy when you are surrounded by reports of death and surges. Each day brings a new turn of events in the pandemic state of affairs.  One day masks are mandatory, the next day they are to be worn at discretion. It is just all too much! Don’t you agree?

I often think that this was the only way God or the Universe could really sit us down and give us time with family and our kids. We are in a rat race in society to hurry up and do the same thing we did yesterday. So then why are we so bored and anxious to get back to the same old repetitive routine?

It is definitely psychological.

Virus’ are like ex boyfriends and girlfriends. They come around at certain times of the year, they don’t stay for too long unless you don’t properly get rid of them. If you don’t, they hand around and hang around until you either get your life together, or they kill you!

While I joke (sort of) about our exes, Corona is no laughing matter at all. I have lost a couple of family members and know of others who have not been lucky enough to fend off this ferocious microscopic beast. We have to be so diligent in our handling of EVERYTHING we touch. Every-thing. I will say that one more time. Ev-er-y-thing.

Call me anal, but I wash and wipe down any and everything that comes over my doorstep. I wipe all mail and packaging. I spray groceries, steering wheels, gearshift handles, knobs, keys, handles and my cat.  Seems extreme, but thankfully I do believe that it has kept me and my family safe thus far.

I encourage you to do the same. You can not be too careful. Please pay attention to your local government and the CDC. Avoid conspiracy theories and use common sense. Wear your masks and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly!

Don’t worry, soon enough you will be back at the BBQ. Kids will be running around, music will be playing, and all will be well at the family get together again. I miss it so bad. I can smell the hot grill and smoker in the yard and the running from bees and wasps abound!

Let’s all get through this together by following guidelines. I tell you this, when the green light glows and all is safe in the world, boy O boy will it be a block party for the ages!



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