Almight Dolla.


Welcome to Afroproven. It is no mistake that you have found us. We are happy to have you.

What is Afroproven you ask?

Well, let me enlighten you.  Afroproven is a platform like no other! You will be able to let the world know of your experiences as you navigate mainstream companies as a Black customer.  Afroproven is a Black owned company that should have been out years ago.  We as Black people have needed this for years.

On our platform, you will be able to log your experiences and how you are treated. We as Black people and those of us in the African diaspora, know all too well of how we have been followed, haunted, searched, and just plain old disrespected all while spending our hard earned money at the very place that is behaving like this. Neighborhood beauty supply stores are the main culprits for this behavior.  For years we have just accepted and maneuvered our way through this reality and kept on ticking. We have watched those who are not Black or (let’s just be frank), White people, get served in lines before us. they are trusted and are not asked insulting questions like, “Are you waiting for someone?”   If I am at the coffee shop sitting, waiting or not is not anyone’s concern. Yet, all too many times we are asked ridiculous questions such as that.


I am sure you can agree that after the unfortunate killing of George Floyd, there was an unspoken memo that went out to the masses that enough was just enough. Who knew that his ultimate sacrifice would result in movements both big and small all across the US and beyond! The WORLD was watching and reacting! His beautiful daughter spoke of him changing the world and yes he did and it is not stopping!

Afroproven was thought about over 12 years ago. I put it on the back burner for years but knew that one day it would have to be born. My vision for this platform transcends what we have ever had at our fingertips. We will be reviewing behavior, holding companies big and small accountable, and spreading our results like wildfire!


Just to make this clear,……this is not a review site like we have grown up to know. No, this is different in many ways. We will be reviewing our experiences as Black customers. From our point of view. We have to demand that these companies treat us with the same equal respect as anyone.

Stores will no longer check our bags at the door ‘just in case’.   We don’t steal. We are not thieves. We are upstanding citizens of this country and we work hard and play hard. Take some time to think about what you and I both have tolerated? It is shameful. No more. We will be able to get the word out to all of us ‘cousins’ when we have been treated unfairly. We will also be able to praise those that are responsible with their cultural sensitivity. Welcome to Afroproven. Let’s hold corporations big and small accountable.  I am so excited for you to join this journey with me.







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