About us


What is Afroproven? 1

Afroproven is a platform for African Americans and those of the African diaspora to rate, review, log and comment on our unique experiences as minorities in mainstream establishments. Afroproven was created by a mom of two that noticed that many of the review site’s star ratings were very different than her experiences as a Black person. A 4 star hotel is 4 star for whom?

Why you need us. 2


Afroproven is the tool needed to inform our community of the great service and not so great service given to us on a daily basis. We have been witnesses to many cringe-worthy incidents over the years dealing with racial insensitivity in mainstream markets. From police being called unnecessarily, to couples being racially profiled and even asked to leave while dining for reasons that were not demanded of White counterparts.

Why we need you. 3

Here’s where you come in. We need your honest opinion about how you were/are treated at any business that you give your money to.  The only way we as a minority community can deter bad racial, biased behavior, is to be able to alert each other right away. Imaging walking into a restaurant right after that establishment racially profiled a young group of Black boys dining. You would have no idea that you were about to give that place your money. Now, with this review site, you have choices. The community needs your opinion and so do we!