About Afroproven

Afroproven is a platform for Blacks and those of the African diaspora to rate, review, log and comment on our unique experiences as minorities in mainstream establishments. Afroproven was created by a mom of two that noticed that many of the review site’s star ratings were very different than her experiences as a Black person. A 4 star hotel is 4 star for whom?

She quickly realized that there was a need for real reviews by minorities and those who are advocates for Blacks and others as consumers in mainstream businesses. Implicit bias and racial insensitivity are all too often a factor in businesses in all aspects. From the hiring process, to the customer experience.

Afroproven is the tool needed to inform our community of the great service and not so great service given to us on a daily basis. We have been witnesses to many cringeworthy incidents over the years of racial insensitivity in mainstream markets. From police being called unnecessarily, to couples being racially profiled and even asked to leave while dining for reasons that were not demanded of White counterparts.

Now we have a tool to help deter this behavior and applaud businesses that prove to be unbiased and most happy to have our dollar. Afroproven’s VIP team is a team of hand picked vetted consumers that will give honest, unbiased and straight forward reviews of businesses in every category. You may follow specific VIP members or decide where you want to spend based on the public’s review. You have a choice! You may follow a VIP member that resonates with you and your lifestyle.

Thank you for supporting this Black, female owned business and we are happy to get you good, honest, and reliable reviews on your favorite places!